Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Because I like to show my ass occasionally

OK, I never said this blog was going to be strictly a current-events photo blog. In fact, I am going to inject a lot of silly antique photographs on a frequent basis, but they are going to appear more often than I anticipated while I'm in the midst of an employment crisis.

I'm sure my readers will enjoy this one from 1962. I think it was August. I still don't like to wear clothes in the warmer months. Old habits die hard.

That was my dad's desk. I still remember it so vividly because he had a thick sheet of glass over the top of it with photos underneath it. The movie projector was cool! And remember black & white tv? Also, I'm sure he built that speaker himself -- the one below the tv. He was quite the craftsman.

I still have the marble ashtray that he kept on his desk during this era.

He didn't use it much for cigarettes because it was so shallow. He had another ashtray he used for cigs. It was one of those bean bags with a metal tray and cigarette holder built into it. Anyone remember those relics from the 60s?

This one was probably HIS father's ashtray (translation: it's old) and he used it to hold his pipe. I can remember him tapping his pipe on it to empty the ashes.

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