Sunday, November 11, 2007

A blog is born

Well, this blog was born in April, 2007 but has languished while I decided what to do with it. At long last I have decided to turn this into a personal photo blog. It's not meant for mass appeal; there will be little or no political content, world affairs, or my opinions about this or that. It's simply meant to be an extension of the konagod blog but on a purely personal level.

I had toyed around with the idea of making this a blog about racial intolerance, but I already address those issues at konagod. Likewise, any of my other ideas were similar in that they create double work for me -- why post something here that I'd definitely want to post on my other blog?

So, the photo blog idea seems like a natural, as there are often things I want to share with people, and yet I don't want them on my other blog. My goal is to post at least one picture per day with a brief story behind it. Whether anyone cares one way or another remains to be seen!

As of today, there have been 100 visitors to this blog since April, and hardly any content. At least the content aspect of that little piece of trivia is about to change.

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