Friday, December 7, 2007

Every picture tells a story

And the story is, our office is a jungle of crap! txrad thought I was crazy for taking pictures. He asked, "What are you going to use those for?"

I replied, "I have a blog idea." And then I got the crazy look. I think he even asked me WHY I'd want to show this to anyone, and of course the answer is that perhaps it'll motivate me to declutter and organize some things. I got started on Wednesday but haven't done anything else since. Maybe I'll get a lot done this weekend.

This is the wall storage area behind my desk. I keep all my old vinyl LPs on there, as well as a ton of stuff: cassettes, books, computer software, business crap.

I just relocated the stereo shelf behind me so I can set up the CD player, turntable, and amplifier. I don't have speakers for that amp but I can use my headphones and sit at my desk listening to music now.

Notice that brown box on the shelf just to the right of the amp. That could be my life story. It's basically filled with typewritten pages of my life around 1980-1985 and I'm sure at some point that will be blogged about.

I started throwing out 10-year-old CDs of old outdated software, games, and other assorted junk. I really hate filling the landfills with so much garbage but I really need to get this stuff out of my house.

I did at least recycle a lot of the CD jewel box cases from the software. I can use them to create CD cases for CDs I either purchase online (I need one for the new Radiohead CD) and I can also replace some broken CD cases which have seen a lot of excessive abuse.

This photo is taken from the other direction, to the left and in front of my desk. This area is actually not as cluttered as it was when we were using this room for storage while painting and having the new carpet installed. I really would like to get rid of those filing cabinets -- unfortunately, they are filled with ... JUNK!

Further down this room is... more stuff. txrad's keyboard, more books, and old stereo receiver, a computer monitor, and the first TV we bought as a couple in Los Angeles. It still has a great picture though, and I want to hang on to it in case we ever have a problem with our other TV.

And finally, more clutter. We have a lot of old computer equipment that is definitely going to a charity before the end of December. And that old stereo receiver. That's txrad's desk at the far right.

This is a nice large room and it's going to take a lot of effort to get it cleaned up and organized. I eventually want to paint the walls and put in new flooring. That shelving on the back wall was for art supplies and the open shelving was for canvas storage.

When we bought the house, the old lady who originally lived in this house was an artist and this was her studio. It could also be converted into a 3rd bedroom, but we've always used it as our office.

You would think, since I stayed home from work today, I would have started cleaning. Instead, all I did was blog about it. Typical.

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