Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pre-Holiday Mayhem

We went to lunch at Veggie Heaven today. The route we take home goes right by Whole Foods Market and since we needed laundry detergent, we stopped.

Whole Foods has a small parking area at the street level but the bulk of parking is in an underground garage -- and VERY poorly designed. It would be great if there were very few cars involved, but that's rarely the case, and certainly not 2 days before Christmas. So I asked txrad to drive. I tend to not have patience for such things.

We were waiting behind a line of cars just to get INTO the garage and I was already about to blow a fuse, so I got out of the car and met up with txrad inside after he parked.

I hate this garage. I was so eager to snap a picture and leave, I didn't even take the time to focus the shot!

Across the street from Whole Foods is the agency where I worked, up until Friday. Working there was a big convenience for me because I could walk over and not have to drive into the garage.

Traffic in central Austin is probably going to get worse once people start moving into all the new highrise condos. I'd like to think they'll probably walk to Whole Foods, but I'm sure they'll drive.

On our way home, I wanted to get a picture of this highway sign. I've lived here 10 years and have seen this sign but have never seen the girl scout. I still have no idea what it is pointing to or what it means. I often wonder if she's hiding in those bushes.

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