Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter is definitely on the way

When I woke up before dawn today it was a pleasant 55 F outside. The wind was starting to kick up a bit. I wasn't uncomfortable wearing shorts. But by 9:00 this morning, under clear skies and bright sunshine it was down to 49 F so I knew the predicted high temperature of 57 F had already happened during the night. I hate that. It's like weather deceit. If the high temperature for the day is going to happen while I'm sleeping, don't even tell me about it. I want to know what the afternoon high will be so my expectations are realistic.

We are anticipating a freeze tonight with temps in the high 20s. Thus begins the ritual of moving delicate plants into the garage. I let txrad do most of it so I could be the photographer. (clever!)

It gets to be rather crowded in the garage with 2 cars and all these plants squeeze in.

Some of the succulents actually get stimulated to bloom in the darkness of the garage. This is one I started growing from clippings off a plant at my mother's house. It has such pretty yellow flowers. It was starting to bloom before I put it in the garage. There's other ones with red blossoms -- a different variety -- that will really get going in the garage later.

The one group of plants I don't have to worry about are the collard greens in the garden. They love a freeze, and it actually enhances their flavor. I won't even pick any until after we've had a freeze. They're still young and small, but I could pluck a leaf from each one and have a yummy treat.

For all the bitching I do about hating cold weather, I guess I have to remember the collards. Nothing is better than home-grown, and they do need to freeze.

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