Sunday, March 23, 2008

Replanting strawberries

One of my more annoying hobbies is moving plants from one location to another a year or more after I originally planted them. About the only benefit is that I'm not going out and buying new plants and yet I get the same satisfaction.

These strawberry plants were in a large pot and too crowded. They were trying to spread by sending out runners but they had nowhere to go. Before moving them to a new location in the front patio area, I first had to clear out a lot of dead grass and the awful poison oak that had spread throughout the area. That was also a project on the to-do list so actually I accomplished two projects at once. Yea!

There are six plants in all: the two little ones on the left and the four on the right. In the middle is a yellow lantana which I'll have to keep pruned in the summer or remove altogether. It tends to fill in a large area. In the rear are some salvias which shouldn't be a problem.

To give you an idea of how much clearing I had to do, this is the opposite side of the walk which I obviously haven't cleared yet. Another project. At least that side isn't infested with poison oak.

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