Friday, April 25, 2008

Another home improvement project idea

It's kind of funny. I have more projects on the to-do list than I can handle and yet I can always think of another one to add to the list.

For 10 years I have struggled with what to plant in the area at the front of the house just beneath the windows. The area lies under the eaves so it doesn't really get rain unless the rain blows in at an angle. It also doesn't get much sun. Just a little in the winter and almost none directly on the soil in the summer.

After 10 years, this is how it looks today from the elevated porch.

The area in the lower left near the porch with the rocks piled high was actually an attempt on my part a few years back to create an elevated planting area on 2 different levels, using the rocks to hold in the soil. That area between the porch and the steps is a black hole in which nothing would grow. Elevating it at least provided more light to the plants.

Here's another view of the area from the yard as you would approach the house and the front door.

You can see after two years of neglect, there's not much activity in there, not even weeds. Just a few.

So I have decided to not waste any additional effort or money trying to grow anything in there. Besides, shade-loving plants tend to need lots of water. And the soil in that plot is horrendously bad.

Instead, I have decided to pour concrete in that entire area and turn it into a sitting area. I might even install saltillo tiles over the concrete just to dress it up a bit, and that would give me a little tile laying experience as well.

Just imagine a bench beneath the windows with a small table next to it and anchored by a nice potted plant on either side.

It would really dress up the front entrance to the house and make it appear more inviting. I might even enjoy sitting out there admiring my strawberries!

This brainstorm came to me today while we were shopping for plants at Home Depot and I decided I'm tired of looking for anything that will thrive in what is clearly a dead area.

We did not leave empty-handed though. A lovely orange hibiscus selected txrad to bring it home.

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