Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I haven't been ignoring this blog since Sunday. I've actually been having performance issues with my scanner. But after several reboots of both PC and scanner, I seem to have resolved the problem.

My mother sent me some pictures recently of our farm and this one really made me feel good, particularly since corn prices are so high and we have not been plagued with the flooding they've had in the midwest.

That area at the back with the trees is what we called the "break." I'm not sure where that term originates, but it was formerly a bayou which changed course and is now just a swampy muck of stanky water. I would find quite a few lovely blackberries back there in the season, around this time of year.

I used to go out in that area of the field after a rain and pick up Injun artifacts... pieces of pottery, arrowheads, etc. It used to amaze me that families lived on "our" farm before we did.

I'd be happy if they were still there.

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