Monday, August 31, 2009

My Drag Queen Roommate

In the last post I mentioned that the subject of my next post would be the roommate (technically, housemate since we shared a 3-story dwelling and had separate rooms) whose friend brought the LSD.

Even though we lived on separate floors of the house, my 3rd floor bedroom had the nicest bathroom which of course meant that Toney and all his drag queen friends would be using it to get ready for a night of clubbing.

I had seen Toney do a phenomenal Grace Jones once. I finally coerced him into doing a replay just for me and my camera which was surprising given how much time it took for him to make this transformation. I got several photos and then we went for a drive around Little Rock with him still in drag!

Check out those heels!

It's entirely possible Grace is taller than him though!

Out of drag you'd never imagine he could pull this off. He was quite the artist.

A couple of years prior to this was when I was living in London and working at the HMV Shop where a VHS collection of Grace Jones video was played almost daily on a wall of TVs. That was my first introduction to Grace and after the first couple of weeks at the shop, I began to pop that video in almost daily. Some of my co-workers got very annoyed after a few months of that.

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