Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm cold

And I'm freezing my ass off. I'm having trouble getting myself organized and together in 2008 and therefore no pictures yet for the new year. But I'm working on it. Meanwhile, I'll complain about the cold weather: it was 21F this morning with an afternoon high of 49F which is quickly dropping. We're already at 31F (it has dropped 2 degrees since I started typing this post) and I can't see how our low tonight will only be 28F. I'm guessing about 18F or 19F. It really depends on the cloud cover.


I realize I'm probably setting myself up for a huge disappointment if I really believe this forecast will hold true for the next 10 days. Seven consecutive days of wearing shorts in January seems overly-optimistic. We'll see.

We went out for lunch today and I saw several people, kids and adults alike, wearing shorts and/or flip-flops. It was in the 40s and breezy. I was shivering. Some people are insane.

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