Friday, January 25, 2008

More scenes from Arkansas

It was a little too wet and muddy for me to risk driving to the back side of the farm so I had to stop here and get a couple of shots. Not much going on this time of year.

Looking west:

From the same spot looking north:

Another part of the farm about 1/2 mile east has some nice winter wheat growing.

On my way back into town to my mother's house I stopped for a picture of the Jewish temple. Back in the heyday of this little town when we actually had a lot of locally owned businesses there was a nice sized Jewish community. Many people in the town have died off and most of the younger people have moved away. Not much remains in my little town.

There are lots of birds though.

And they had no issues with shitting all over my car.

I guess I should have known better than to park under a tree. This is my mother's tiny back yard. It looks better in the spring and summer although she can't really take care of it after she broke her hip.

I'm glad her hip doesn't interfere with her cooking too much since she enjoys it, and I certainly enjoyed eating her cooking. I never leave the table hungry. That pie crust would later become a tasty chocolate pie. She used an old wood rolling pin she's had since she was 4 years old.

She doesn't look 84 does she? (She would KILL me if she knew I published a picture of her on a blog! I caught hell just for taking the picture!)

This okra dish was quite tasty.

Her house is quite small and I really don't know how she functions in such a tiny kitchen, and with no dishwasher. The rest of the house is equally crowded (some would use the word "cluttered" which is equally applicable. She really didn't get rid of very much from the roomier farm house when she moved into town. I have to walk sideways to squeeze by furniture.

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