Sunday, February 3, 2008

Banana-infused sugar cookies

Before I left my mother's house she gave me a bag of goodies for the road. There was a baggie full of sugar cookies she had baked -- they had a hint of almond flavor, a few small boxes of raisins and a banana.

I'm not really the type of person who likes to snack while driving. When I get hungry I'll stop and eat. So when I arrived home I unloaded the car and put the bag of goodies on the counter in the kitchen. It sat there for a few days during which time I completely forgot about the banana since it was not visible behind the bag of cookies and boxes of raisins.

I finally decided to take out the raisins and there was the banana -- not that I wasn't aware as soon as I unzipped the baggie. I was nearly knocked on my ass by pent-up banana fumes.

Despite the fact that the cookies were in a separate baggie, placed inside a larger baggie with the banana, the cookies are delicious and have a very distinct banana flavor. If you like banana, I do recommend you try this at home. It's a nice way to put a banana to work doing double duty.

I think I may bake some muffins and use the banana now.

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