Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More gifts for konagod

txrad told me I had a box from today. I knew I hadn't ordered anything (well, I did and I'm not getting it yet, but that's a long story) so I was curious to see what it was.

JackGoff, Droll Jester of Tomatoey Goodness (another long story, don't ask) sent me a package.

Note to record label executives: Can you stop it please with these annoying anti-theft sticky labels on the spine? At least ship them to mail order vendors without those nasty things. They are a pain in the ass and often leave a sticky residue on the CD case which grates on my very last anal nerve.

Lucky for me, this one came off rather cleanly.

I'll report back later on the music. Getting ready to play. I must say, I've been extremely impressed with the Telarc label since I worked at the HMV shop in London 1983-1984. I'm psyched. And txrad has told me interesting stuff about this CD.

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