Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back from the hospital visitation, and a few other surprises

I was a little nervous this morning on my way to the hospital -- the day after some additional overnight tests and x-rays were done on txrad. You never know what else might pop up in a facility more specialized in treating his condition.

He seemed happy to see me when I entered the room. He was snacking on the food tray -- picking at what he wanted to eat. They did not bring him a vegetarian tray so he was having to pick and choose what he wanted to eat. Honestly, after glancing at one of the containers of yogurt or a cream custard-type thing, it was just full of garbage -- artificial colors, etc. I may take him some healthy things to snack on when I go back later this afternoon.

He still seemed to be in the same amount of pain while trying to move around and he was trying his best to tell me that when he sleeps on his side it's very painful. I was concerned that he's showing no signs of improvement in that area. I asked a nurse about that and she informed me he also has a few fractured ribs! Surprise! I did not know this.

I'm not even taking this as bad news in the grand scheme of things. That will heal in a few weeks and will be fine.

I watched a couple of speech therapists come in and quiz him as part of the evaluation for his upcoming speech therapy. They asked him his name, and he paused, before trying to say it -- just barely getting an "S" sound uttered. It has crossed my mind more than once, given the wildly varying things he remembers and doesn't remember, if he even knows our relationship. I wasn't going to bring it up with him for a long while -- just to give him time to heal a bit.

As I was leaving the hospital he pulled me near him and I thought he just wanted a hug. After a second I realized he wanted more, and as our faces met, he planted a big wet kiss on my lips -- and not a short one either. I told him to stop it because he was getting me all hot and bothered.

Yee haa! Another question answered! And more good news!

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