Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last update for Wednesday

I ran out about 5:00 to the hospital for a 2nd visit today. Bad mistake going during rush hour. Won't do that again.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk in on txrad and see that he had MSNBC on the TV (typical) and was up and about, and had taken some notes for my arrival. He wrote down MTI and 30 minutes and something else. I went to talk to the nurse and they were about to do an MRI that was going to last 30 minutes or so, to map txrad's brain so the speech therapists will have a road map of how his brain is currently working.

Interesting. And very interesting that txrad was taking notes. That's a good sign.
Even if he spelled it MTI. Not far off the mark. And he kept peeking out the door at all the activity going on in the room next to him, with some technician sitting at a PC outside the door yelling to a guy on the bed to "be still!"

His sense of humor is definitely alive and well.

While I was just hanging out with him, a nurse brought him his first vegetarian meal (finally) and it looked pretty damn good to me. He kept offering me some but I politely declined.

It looked like rice with a ball of sweet potato and maybe a squash concoction of some sort, a little cucumber, a dinner roll, and a bit of chocolate pudding. He really hasn't changed much. He didn't eat the dinner roll or the butter -- that's the first thing I would have gone for. And he seemed to treat the chocolate pudding as the entree. That's my boy. To be fair he did devote a significant amount of time to the sweet potato dish.

He was motioning outside and I knew he was concerned about the setting sun and my less than ideal sight abilities after dark. And with that, I gave him another nice kiss on the lips and came home to enjoy my evening.

I hope the MRI went well and the speech therapists get exactly what they need. It would mean the world to me if they'd release him tomorrow afternoon although I'm personally expecting it to be mid-day on Friday.

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