Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, the storm, and the paint job

The home improvements and painting have basically been on hold for the past week. I think the painters are waiting on the new windows to arrive and be installed before touching up. But meanwhile, I realized I had not share a photo of the garage.

Looks nice! I'll update with the rest when we're all done.

The storm spared us any damage fortunately. The dead tree we're waiting to have cut down did lose some weight. txrad noticed this limb hanging in an adjacent oak tree and got it down.

Today txrad surprised me when I got home with his vegetarian sausages he made today.

YUM! They are tasty, and we're thinking we can now stop buying the prepacked $4 veggie sausages we use on our pizza and use these instead.

After a taste, I vote yes.

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