Thursday, May 8, 2008

It was a strange day.

Frantic, to be precise.

Painters arrived at 9:30, rather unexpectedly, and sent me on errands to get exterior paint. Meanwhile a guy got to working on the skylight tunnel and apparently there was more flaking paint up there than I imagined. So much for my pretty new bathroom.

While that was going on, another guy was out doing some patching and caulking in preparation for painting. Little did I know the painting was already underway.

Just a sampling of things to come in the next day or so. The changes are rather dramatic and I am shocked. txrad thinks everything looks good. He even helped me pick out a color for the doors which I was planning to do myself. But since the painters asked, obviously they will include it in the price, and if I don't like what we selected I can change it myself later.

So Friday morning I'm heading out to Home Depot for more paint. Stay tuned. This will continue into the weekend. I have lots of pictures.

Meanwhile, I got a job offer today.. Robert Johnson's birthday. Imagine that.

It's a lot less than I was making last year but I'm definitely going to take it. The job is with the same agency I worked at last year and it'll be a seamless transition. Only this time I'm not a contract employee; I'm full-time with all benefits and vacation time, which is quite generous.

I can start on Monday if I so desire. I desire.

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