Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Painting decisions are driving me to madness

And I'm about to choke on so many paint color samples. I went back to Home Depot today because I realized my collection of paint color cards was missing quite a few from the palette of preference.

I have ditched any variation of orange although yellows and greens are in the mix. No reds.

Here's what is currently under consideration for the den.

I'm now factoring in the fact that our kitchen leading into the den is painted a cornsilk yellow and then whatever choice I make for the den has to be acceptable with that "dried palm" in the visible hallway which txrad refers to as a lime green. Lime juice green maybe. He's not real fond of that color I painted back there but I love it and think it adds more character than any other color we have in the house currently.

In this first photo taken from the kitchen you can see a little panel on the left which is the color in the kitchen. You can also see the height of that big wall at the back of the room. I'm thinking I want to do that in the darker of the two colors I select to really accentuate the height. (Or would it be better to do the other 3 walls in the darker color and apply the lighter color to the high wall?)

This is a closer shot of the high wall with the "dried palm" green foyer and hallway in the back. I'm rather leaning to the top two larger paint samples in the first photo because they complement both the kitchen yellow and the foyer green, and they also provide enough contrast between them to call attention to the vaulted ceiling in the den.

I'm thinking my 2nd choice is the first card on the left, but I could easily go any direction at this point. At least I have narrowed it down.

By the way, Seventh Sister suggested No-VOC paints in a comment in the earlier post and I happened to notice on this trip to Home Depot that they do sell it. And while the color choices are more limited, they are all fabulous. Naturally the paint is more expensive -- about $37 a gallon give or take a buck, but wow. Those top two large paint samples are from the No-VOC collection.

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