Friday, February 8, 2008

Blue skies and a twig of hope

Yesterday was the big client pitch. There were three of us involved and instead of lasting 30 minutes as expected it went on for about an hour. And when we left, all three of us were not exactly feeling encouraged.

Today I learned that the client asked for a contract to review. We may know something soon. If a client wants to look at a contract, that's a positive move.

At my last employer, one of the owners would use a seasonal analogy to discuss our business climate. We were definitely enduring a long winter there but he was optimistic that spring would return soon. With any luck, spring may come for me sooner than it will for them.

By the way, I took the photo this morning as the sun was rising over our roof. It was a cloudless sunny day, filled with the warmth of spring, with only the large vapor trail of a jet lining the sky in this photo. The vapor trail didn't photograph and it doesn't matter. It was a beautiful morning and day.

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