Friday, March 14, 2008

Tis a fine day

Nearly two weeks after the "incident" I finally took the damaged car to the body shop today for an estimate. Honestly, I was expecting no less than $2,000 and was hoping it would not exceed $3,000. The repair estimate is $1,231.74 assuming there isn't more damage discovered once the front bumper is removed. Obviously I'm hoping there is no additional damage. Our out-of-pocket expenses already far exceed what I needed to pay for a lesson in life. UPDATE! There is an additional $540 in damage behind the bumper. Still coming in under $2k though.

This repair coupled with $2,600 in medical expenses for txrad before insurance kicks in is pushing close to over $4,000. But then, looking at it another way, we're damn lucky to both be alive and healthy so I'm not going to complain about much these days.

The "spare" car looks a bit lonely in the garage while the other car is in the shop for the next week or so. I decided to go wash it since it's a lovely hot afternoon. It looks better although a few areas appear to just have the dirt smeared around. It had been awhile. Nevertheless, it's an improvement.

With so much room in the garage for navigation I decided to move all the delicate plants out of winter storage. The forecast for the next 10 days calls for nice weather and nothing close to freezing. Maybe we're done with that. Maybe.

This is part of my collection of jade and other succulents. Inevitably, a piece of one breaks off during transport from the garage and we end up with yet another plant from that piece, so the collection grows, and grows and grows.

And txrad says it's about time to plant tomatoes. That means I need to harvest the rest of the collard greens soon.

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