Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yesterday txrad has his first speech therapy appointment at 11:00. The only reason I haven't posted about it until now is because it was pretty uneventful. There were a variety of tests to determine if he could correctly identify pictures, association of words with pictures, writing, memory skills, etc. It seemed the tests were very basic and probably developed for people with severe speech disabilities and memory loss.

I think we were all in agreement that he should not need a 2nd appointment unless something specific comes up or if he doesn't recover 100% and needs specialized treatment down the road.

While it wasn't a wasted trip, at least it's good to know he's improving far beyond what the doctors and speech therapists in the hospital expected just a few days ago.

Basically he needs to practice reading and speaking. I suggested he select a few of his favorite political blogs and read a few of them aloud. He is most challenged by words with multiple syllables and a number of consonants. When he awakens from his nap, I'm going to ask him to read this:

Constantine refounded an existing city. The site had been strategically and commercially important from the earliest times, lying as it does astride both the land route from Europe to Asia and the seaway from the Black or Euxine Sea to the Mediterranean, and being possessed of an excellent and spacious harbour in the Golden Horn. Thus a city was first founded on the site in the early days of Greek colonial expansion, probably around 671-662 BC.

That should exercise his tongue sufficiently for one afternoon.

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