Saturday, May 24, 2008

kona the electrician

We tackled a few more minor projects today. The heating element in the oven burned out last weekend which really is a major inconvenience for people who love to spend time in the kitchen and most meals involve baking.

On Monday txrad found a replacement element on the internet and ordered it. It shipped from Oklahoma City on Tuesday and we got it yesterday. He got that installed this afternoon. Less than $34 for a repair. I figured this would cost at least $150 if we paid someone to come do it. $75 for the part and $75 for the labor. And maybe a $25 fuel surcharge just for driving here.

And yes, I know the oven could use some cleaning.

Since we were in a mood to switch off electrical circuits at the box, I decided I would install the new light fixture in the closet to replace this ugly piece of shit. Yes, this was the lighting in the master bedroom walk-in closet. With an exposed light bulb. And I never understood why they left the string attached to it when the light was also wired to a switch on a wall.

txrad has always done any of our electrical work and I functioned as the assistant -- holding the fixtures while he wired them in. This time I wanted to do it and I figured this small fixture would be easy for learning. And yes it was. But txrad had to give me a lot of tips and pointers. I dropped the screws a few times and was soaked from sweating by the time I finished. But I did it and it looks great.

If you are seeing some weird discolorations on the wall, that's because I started painting the closet last summer after I had painted the bedroom, and I never finished. It's on my to-do list. Now that we have the new window and new lighting, I'll get on that soon.

I think we're about done with projects today. Tomorrow we have a heavier light fixture to install in the bathroom. Will I do it or will txrad? You'll find out when we're done.

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