Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're not finished yet

What a wild month it's been. Things are finally coming to a conclusion with a few exceptions though. This photo summarizes my mental state during all this. And probably txrad's as well since he was at home during all the chaos.

The cats have always loved the window ledges in the house. They can sit up there and gaze out the window. They still can but the new windows are considerably thicker than the old ones. Looks like they lost a couple of inches.

Here's one of the exceptions that prevents this project from being nearly complete. While installing the big window in the master bedroom they broke it. So I'll be living with that for a few days.

The other exception is this. One window was missing in the shipment so we still have an old window in the den, but this gives you a nice side-by-side for comparison. We really like the new windows which don't have those fake panes in them. It's amazing how much those block the view.

The is the back patio which is right outside those windows shown in the above photo. txrad did a great job cleaning and hosing down the patio this morning. And some of you may think we made a rather odd color choice for the exterior doors but we like it. I am thinking of something similar for the interior doors. It goes well with all our interior color schemes.

I'm also not sure I like the trim around the windows being the same color as the house. I was thinking they would do that with the same color as the trim you see in the upper right of the photo. It's OK though I guess. Maybe it would look too busy with the lighter trim color around the windows?

The office is particularly bright now. It makes me wish I worked at home again. There was a large dead cottonwood tree right outside these windows and that was cut down on Friday morning as well.

This is a window from the garage taken from another patio off the kitchen. All the old windows that were mounted in the limestone siding had to be cut out and some masonry work was done after the new windows were installed. Looks nice!

And finally! We got the walls painted in the den. It looks far better than it did and yet this is probably my only disappointment. The room is fairly dark anyway despite those two windows around the fireplace. I knew the colors I chose were going to darken it a bit more but I really was hoping for more contrast between that high wall at the back and the other 3 walls. It's actually painted a darker color and I swear I can't see much difference. And this photo was taken with a flash by the way!

Oh well. I'm not going to dwell on that decision. Today we begin dust clean up around the house. Thank God Monday is a holiday, that's all I can say.

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